Opportunities with One World Missions

In addition to our Missionary Discipleship Program (see below) there are many ways to volunteer and be a part of One World Missions on different projects or helping with various aspects of the ministry. We are always looking for people that are skilled at editing footage and creating short or long vidoes, individuals experienced with Flash, graphic designers and programmers. 

Missionary Discipleship Program (MDP) 

In keeping with our desire to train up the next generation of missionaries and church leaders who have a world vision, we have developed our Missionary Discipleship Program.  The MDP program is for young adults that sense a calling on their lives towards missions and feel that God has called them to be a part of One World Missions.  We believe very strongly in the importance of strong, long-lasting relationships.   OWM realizes that the calling of each student is different; therefore each one will enter into a relationship with OWM with the understanding that their training and position with OWM will be unique.  The emphasis will be placed on the relationship and the developing of the individual calling of each student.

The MDP requires a one-year commitment.  Initial instruction will occur at the One World Missions offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Students will follow a strict code of conduct and will be required to practice good stewardship in all areas of their lives.  The first year of the program includes valuable training in leadership, prayer, missions planning, ministry protocol, support and ministry of helps as well as Bible instruction through AFCM’s International Training Center.   There is also practical instruction in music, drama, computers, sound and video production, etc.  Our goal is to equip and train future missionaries in diverse skills while at the same time stressing the importance of excellence in ministry.  In the second year, students are allowed to continue their training in our US office, apply to continue their training in one of our overseas offices or apply to volunteer overseas with one of our many AFCM national pastors or missionaries.  Overseas assignments must be applied for after having completed a short-term trip to the desired country.  Students will be responsible to correspond with OWM offices on a regular basis.  While serving in the field each student will be responsible for assisting in day-to-day administrative activities as well as participating in regular ministry activities.

In addition to our MDP program in Minnesota, we are excited to announce that in 2008 we will begin opening missions' offices around the world to assist local leaders in training up and sending out missionaries.  These offices will work with local church leaders to educate the body of Christ about God's heart for the nations of the world.  They will also coordinate short-term outreaches and make them available to nationals, both for the purpose of training in evangelism and cross-cultural missions.  In addition to this, we will be working to equip the next generation of missionaries from around the world through our Missionary Discipleship Program.  We believe that the Missionary Discipleship Program is perfect for equipping the next generation of missionaries that will serve God's purpose throughout the world.  Please contact our offices at staff@oneworldmisions.com if you have any further questions about this program.



"But all Christians must be missionary-minded. The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions; and the nearer we get to him, the more intensely missionary we must be become."
- Henry Martyn
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